36 Pics That Scream ‘Me As A Wife’

1. Animals come first!

2. Oops, were you hungry?

3. That’s right! You tell him.

4. I need to know, ASAP!

5. If you really love me, accept my priorities

6. Oh, boy…

7. I’ve already started

8. Without a doubt

9. Anything to get my beauty sleep

10. Sorry, I can’t cook

11. Game on

12. Plot twist: ALL MINE!

13. Adopt ALL the pets

14. Oops

15. I want credit where credit is due

16. Just don’t do it

17. What’s yours is mine and mine is yours.

18. Just because it was $50 dollars a plate doesn’t mean you have to pretend to like it…

19. It’s not always tough love…

20. Don’t expect any apologies from the this girl.

21. Memes send the message loud and clear.

22. To heck with Valentine’s day clichés!

23. Yes, shower wine, because no one can tell you how to live your life!

24. It’s not just boyfriends who get overprotective

24. It’s not just boyfriends who get overprotective

26. When it’s time for “the talk…”

27. Jealous much?

28. Overly attached? Nah, overly romantic!

29. When she sends love letters through Snapchat ♥

30. When she can top your expectations!

31. The “shaming” of her boys…

32. This die-hard Die Hard fan is goals.

33. Every husband wants a personalized gift, right?

34. Couch potato sandwich…

35. That’s a pretty good system!

36. Another good way to get organized — just go with the flow!